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Medical Assistant Certificate (MA)

Blanding Moab Price

Medical assistants are multi-skilled health professionals educated to work alongside physicians.  They primarily practice in ambulatory care settings such as medical offices, and clinics. Medical assistants are a crucial component to a medical practice’s staff. Their roles can vary widely depending on the size and type of the practice, and the type of work that the physician, and nurses choose to give them.

Administrative duties may include (but not limited to): using computer software, answering telephones, greeting patients, updating medical records, coding, handling correspondences, arranging for hospital admissions, laboratory service admissions, communicating with insurance companies, scheduling appointments, billing, and bookkeeping.

Medical duties may include (but not limited to): taking medical histories, vital signs, cleaning and sterilizing medical instruments, authorizing prescription refills as directed, explaining treatment procedures, providing patient education on disease processes, preparing patients for exams, assisting the physician during exams, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, administering medications, perform electrocardiograms, suture removal, changing of dressings, and cast removal. 

Medical Assistant Certificate of Completion (CC) affords students the opportunity to earn college credit and skills in a specialized area. Students can transfer certificate credits to degree programs.

A certificate can typically be completed in one year. Certificates can also be earned in conjunction with another degree (such as an associate or bachelor degree) to give the student job skills to be used while attending college. Many certificate programs also provide foundational courses and opportunities to transfer into a higher degree level program.

Gainful Employment: Graduation from the Medical Assistant Program does not guarantee employment. To see a list of circumstances that may adversely impact the applicant’s ability to successfully complete the program or gain employment in the Medical Assistant field, please see Medical Assistant Student Handbook.

MA Application Packet

This application packet is for students on all campuses.


  • First Friday in August (for fall semester)
  • Third Friday in November (for spring semester)

To begin your Certificate program:

  Apply to Utah State University (If you have attended USU Eastern or have completed USU concurrent enrollment courses there is no need to re-apply.)
  Apply for the Medical Assistant Program 
  Meet placement requirements for Math and English.
  Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships.


For more tips and information about college preparation please see the College Prep site.

For help contact:

Blanding - Erin Oliver

Moab - Doug Caylor

Price - Lori Rager
(435) 613-5316 

With your Certificate of Completion you may:

  • Enter the work force.

    After the successful completion of the required course work and practicum, students may sit for the National Certification Examination (given on Utah State University Eastern Blanding or Price Campuses). Upon passing, the student will be certified as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). See American Medical Technologies for information regarding certification.

    With a medical assistant certificate of completion, students may:

    • Work as a Medical Assistant in a family practice, pediatric practice, urgent care, or specialty practices, as well as some surgical outpatient clinics.
  • Continue your education at Utah State University.
    Use the USU Degree Finder to search for degrees available throughout the Utah State University system related Medical Assistant.
  • Transfer to another college or university.
    As an accredited college, USU Eastern courses and degrees can also be transferred to other college and universities across Utah and the United States. For details see Academic Advising.